Become a Pizza Attack Partner

The Pizza Attack franchise system for your business:

  • You have a delivery service but want to take advantage of franchising?
  • You want to stand out from your competition and be noticed by your customers?
  • You want all the benefits of a proven franchise system for you?
  • You want to earn more money with your existing business?
  • You want to stand out with unique pizza quality?
  • You want your customers to be satisfied?
  • You don't want to pay a share of the turnover?

Then a Pizza Attack Partnership is exactly the right thing for you, 
with Pizza Attack there are only advantages for you, no disadvantages.


What we offer you :

  • Territory protection for your Pizza Attack store, only one Pizza Attack per location
  • our protected name, store design and registered Logos
  • if you wish, your own order pages on the Pizza Attack homepage
  • regular Facebook, TickTock, Instagram advertising in your city
  • eye-catching vehicle design and staff uniforms
  • on request training and familiarization by our training team
  • central purchasing of our high quality brands on request
  • several suppliers nationwide supply you directly
  • E.g. ready-made pizza dough balls, pizza sauces, cheese, salad, vegetables, meat and sausages, chicken wings, or the recipes to make yourself
  • pizza boxes in all sizes with our Pizza Attack Logo
  • Ongoing support with promotion proposals, advertising and training courses
  • New and used conveyor belt pizza ovens, furnishings, pizza tables, delivery vehicles, etc.
  • own store fitting team for the reconstruction or new construction of your store

The complete franchise package for your delivery service.
Pizza Attack Partners do not pay a share of the turnover!

Build a new Pizza Attack store

If you want to be part of a great team and still be successful in the pizza delivery business tomorrow, come join Pizza Attack.


Over 30 years of experience in the operation and construction of pizza delivery locations, make us rightly, one of your first contacts, if you are planning a new pizza store.
Learned - from the world market leader, - perfected and adapted to the German market, we specifically plan and set up pizza delivery stores.
With our Pizza Attack franchise system, even career changers and complete strangers can enter the ever-growing delivery business at an unrivaled price. We give you our best concept, plan, rebuild and set up your future store. We educate you, train you and your staff and support you with strong trade partners who will supply you with all the necessary ingredients for your pizza business. No daily shopping, making dough, or preparing ingredients, one call is enough and you will be supplied, if necessary several times a week with ready prepared ingredients. For example, pizza dough, - ready weighed and rounded, form the basis. A uniquely seasoned tomato sauce, the best diced mozzarella cheese, perfectly evenly cut salami and a wealth of other toppings make your work easier.

Combined with our "Round Store" way of working, we perfect your workflow for the best possible operating result.
Cost control, efficiency, transparency for the customer and the best pizza quality are our goals.
Thanks to our know-how of many years, you will get your store on request, ready converted, equipped and approved, quasi ready to operate, unrivaled in price. You only have to order the first goods and you can already start in the pizza business. 
Pizza Attack, professional and well thought out, down to the smallest detail


If you don't want to make every mistake on the way to self-employment, take advantage of our experience and start immediately, we are looking forward to you.

Our significant figures, as well as a business plan that precisely addresses your location and all contingencies, are powerful arguments in financing discussions with your house bank.


The entry fee for the Pizza Attack System is a one-time net 15.000.- Euro. For this you receive our entire know-how, our good brand name, connection to our purchasing pool, training, and our unlimited support on your way to success. Monthly you only have to pay a small fee, which depends on your location. Pizza Attack partners do not have to pay a share of the sales.


Optionally, we can also take care of the remodeling, furnishing and design of your store, while you receive comprehensive training in one of our stores. Optionally, you can also book our Pizza Attack training team to open your new store and train you directly in your own Pizza Attack store over the next weeks and months.
We give you the necessary tools for a successful start into the Pizza Attack self-employment.


Ask for your desired location.

Why you should become a Pizza Attack partner?

  • Customers prefer to buy from large chain stores, where quality, customer service, cleanliness and safety are paramount.

  • Gastro systems offer these advantages and are in most cases much more successful than individual businesses.

  • the experience in the food trade, pharmacies, car repair shops, building markets shows, branch systems displace sooner or later always the small retailers.

  • Berlin, for example, already has over 70 branches of pizza system delivery services, the independent small businesses are slowly disappearing.

  • Pizza Attack offers besides regular franchising also a system partnership for existing delivery services. So a franchise partnership without the disadvantages, without paternalism without high costs but with all the advantages of a system. 

You want more information about the Pizza Attack partnership?
Then please write us briefly via the contact page.