You are already a pizza pro?

If you are already in the pizza business, we have a good offer for you to make your business fit for the future. Become a Pizza Attack partner now.

A franchise system offers decisive advantages for the partners:

  • Franchise systems have greater power in the market than lone wolves.
  • Franchisees can buy higher quality goods often cheaper, so they have a better quality product than small delivery services that always have to pay attention to the purchase price to cover costs.
  • Franchisors often have their own advertising department for radio and social media and are thus seen and heard by customers every day.
  • Franchisors train their partners on cost savings, employee training, and workflow optimization, helping their franchisees make more profit with less hours worked.
  • In a franchise system, every mistake has been made somewhere, sometime, everything has been tried before, franchisees can use this priceless experience for their own business, at no extra cost.
  • Franchise stores are immediately recognized as a trusted brand everywhere, thus automatically attracting customers. (in the pizza delivery services sector, the 3 biggest brands have an average turnover of over 700 thousand euros per branch).
  • in the area of delivery services, franchisees of a chain pay significantly lower percentages at Lieferando.
  • Advantages, advantages, advantages....


In return, however, franchise chains also demand a certain share of these average 700 thousand euros in sales. At least 5% of the turnover is collected each month as a franchise fee, plus advertising fees of often 5% - that's a total of 10% of the turnover, so on average 70,000 euros per branch per year, or around 5800 euros per month, - as I said, that's the turnover share of a single branch to the franchisor. Many small pizza delivery services do not earn nearly as much as they have to pay in fees alone.
As a Pizza Attack Partner you pay only a small fixed amount per month!
If you want to arm yourself and your delivery service against the big ones, Pizza Attack offers you a franchise partnership for your already existing delivery service, no matter where you are in Germany. Come to us and use all franchise advantages for your business.

Why you should become a Pizza Attack partner?

  • Customers prefer to buy from large chain stores, where quality, customer service, cleanliness and safety are paramount.

  • Gastro systems offer these advantages and are in most cases much more successful than individual businesses.

  • the experience in the food trade, pharmacies, car repair shops, building markets shows, branch systems displace sooner or later always the small retailers.

  • Berlin, for example, already has over 70 branches of pizza system delivery services, the independent small businesses are slowly disappearing.

  • Pizza Attack offers besides regular franchising also a system partnership for existing delivery services. So a franchise partnership without the disadvantages, without paternalism without high costs but with all the advantages of a system. 

You want more information about the Pizza Attack partnership?
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